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Orange County breast augmentation surgeon Daniel Reichner, M.D., F.A.C.S is a double board certified plastic surgeon who often performs one of the nation's most frequently requested cosmetic or plastic surgery procedure, the breast enhancement or augmentation. If you are thinking about having breast augmentation in Orange County the most important decisions have to do with the new types of breast implants that are now available in Orange County to most women. The most important factors you must consider include:

  • The breast implant size.
  • The type Breast Implants in Orange County: Silicone Gels or Saline Implants
  • The shape of the breats implants available in Orange County: (Moderate Profile, Moderate Plus Profile or High Profile.)
  • How the implants are filled with saline or silicone gels. The FDA recently approved silicone gel implants for general use in all women over 22 years of age. The silicone gels may be a better implant for women who want a more natural breast shape and feel or women with less breast fat and breast tissue.

Breast Augmentation Surgery In Orange County

The breast augmentation surgery usually takes between 60 and 90 minutes under general anesthesia. Small incisions are made to hide the scar. In most cases the breast implants are placed under the muscle to hide the implant in the normal breast cleavage area. The incisions are all closed with absorable internal sutures with only glue on the skin surface. Dr. Reichner uses local anesthesia in the implant pockets before the implants are inserted. This allows his patients to wake up from anesthesia with very little discomfort.

Return Home

Most patients can return home after 30 minutes in recovery. Dr. Reichner will see most patients within one week after surgery to remove the specialized dressings and go over the follow-up breast implant care and instructions.

The best thing about breast augmentation in Orange County is that patient can suddenly feel more attractive and vital and have far more self-confidence. They can also have more poise, increased vitality and more self-assurance.

Trust a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

After you have researched Dr. Reichner's credentials and viewed his before and after photographs on this web site, the next step is to schedule a consultation at the Newport Beach Marina Office or the Orange County office (next to St. Joseph Hospital). During the consultation, our Plastic Surgery Coordinator will facilitate the entire process, using your measurements to help select the right implant size and style and allowing you to review our extensive before and after photographs. She will then prepare a detailed quotation for your review at the end of the consultation. The breast implant selection process is a critical part of your consultation and is designed to be informative about the different breast implant profiles (high profile, moderate-plus profile and moderate profile) and discuss why some patients choose the new FDA approved silicone implants over saline implants. The entire consultation process is designed to protect your privacy, yet allow you to make an informed and comfortable decision.

A surgeon's artistic vision, attention to detail and surgical experience promote a beautiful outcome in women seeking breast enhancement in Newport Beach and Orange. Dr. Reichner realizes that every woman's breasts are different and breast augmentation will enhance one's own natural breasts and beauty.

Dr. Reichner has hospital privileges at several major surgery centers and hospitals in Orange County.

Dr. Reichner has the experience and training to do breast implants at these major centers in Newport Beach and Orange County He is also an Assistant Clinical Professor of Plastic Surgery at the University of California, Irvine.

Free Consultation

To schedule your free consultation, please contact our office or call us in Newport Beach at (949) 645-6200 or in Orange County at (714) 997-5200.