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Newport Beach and Orange County breast implant surgeon Daniel Reichner, M.D.,FACS, is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and double board-certified plastic surgeon. Many women who begin to research breast augmentation come to Dr. Reichner with questions about the best ways to enhance their breasts with implants. They are looking to make their breasts more feminine and help fill the latest fashions and bathing suits.

Women also have concerns about the loss in breast shape that progresses with time. Actually, drooping breasts or breast ptosis are very common. In most cases, the condition is due to child bearing and nursing, natural aging or gaining and losing weight. Dr. Reichner also has the training and experience to correct breast ptosis, drooping or "sagging". He understands that breast ptosis is not only the result in loss of breast volume, but also due to loss in skin elasticity and loss in internal breast support.

For most patients, Dr. Reichner recommends breast implants to improve breast shape and size. This is now one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in Newport Beach and Orange County. Today's patient wants to be fully feminine but she also does not want her new breasts to look like they have a "breast implant look".

Women today want a natural-looking, graceful fullness with some cleavage and an appropriate size, shape and feel that fits naturally with the woman's frame and anatomy.

After you have researched Dr. Reichner's credentials and viewed his before and after photographs on this web site, the next step is to schedule a consultation at the Newport Beach Marina Office or the Orange County office (next to St. Joseph Hospital). During the consultation, the Plastic Surgery Coordinator will facilitate the entire process, taking critical measurements to help you select the right implant, and alllow you to review our extensive before and after photographs. She will then prepare a detailed quotation for your review at the end of the consultation. The breast implant selection process is a critical part of your consultation and is designed to be informative about the different breast implant profiles (high profile, moderate-plus profile and moderate profile) and discuss why some patents choose the new FDA approved silicone implants over saline implants. The entire consultation process is designed to protect your privacy, yet allow you to make an informed and comfortable decision.

Plastic surgeons use their artistic talent, precise attention to detail and surgical expertise to promote beautiful outcomes for women seeking breast enhancement in Newport Beach and Orange County. Dr. Reichner realizes that every woman's breasts are different and best augmentation is designed to enhancing one's own natural breasts.

Dr. Reichner believes that bedside manner is an critical part of patient care. He was recently honored with the CARE Award from St. Joseph's Hospital for outstanding patient care. He also was recognized by the American College of Surgeons Award for Laser Research. Dr. Reichner has top qualifications to do breast implants in Newport Beach and Orange County. He was the Chairman of Plastic Surgery at St. Joseph Hospital, is Assistant Clinical Professor of Plastic Surgery at the University of California, Irvine and has privileges at several major hospitals in Orange County.

In addition to offering Newport Beach's most popular cosmetic surgery procedures, Dr. Reichner also has experience and training in other types of plastic surgery and more advanced facial procedures such as rhinoplasty, fat grafting, eyelid surgery, and facelifts, including neck, full face and mid-facelifts.

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