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Cosmetic Surgery
Orange County

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Facial Procedures

Board certified plastic surgeon Daniel Reichner, M.D. focuses his plastic surgery practice in Orange County.

Having completed his Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Fellowship at the University of California Irvine Program - which included advanced aesthetic surgery training and training in all aspects of cosmetic surgery - Dr. Reichner takes great pride in his skills and training.

Dr. Reichner also has additioinal training in minimally invasive aesthetic surgery which can be helpful in acheiving better results, especially in facial procedures, which include:


Also called a "nose job", rhinoplasty is an extremely common form of cosmetic surgery in Orange County. If your nose is too large, too small, crooked, has an unsightly bump on the bridge, or simply needs to be reconstructed for ease of breathing, then rhinoplasty in Orange County may be the procedure you are looking for.


Looking to turn back the clock? Do you feel that you look older than your years? Many people in Orange County are considering facelifts for just that reason. Sometimes paired with liposuction, a facelift in Orange County can make you look younger by the removal of excess "sagging" skin and the tightening of underlying facial muscles, resulting in a smoother face.

When considering plastic surgery in Orange County, consider Dr. Reichner. His first priority is his patients, and he is completely dedicated to helping them acheive the results they are looking for.

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