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Newport Beach cosmetic surgeon Daniel Reichner, M.D., a double, board-certified plastic surgeon knows that pregnancy and childbirth can be very hard on a woman's stomach.

Dr. Reichner, an assistant clinical professor of plastic surgery at the University of California, uses the abdominoplasty to make the stomach flatter by:

Bringing together the stomach muscles.

Pregancy and too much internal fat can force apart the long stomach muscles that run from the ribs down to the pubis. When that happens, everything in the abdomen bulges forward into a bay window.

Removing loose skin.

Surgeons further trim the stomach by removing loose skin and surface fat. In the process, your belly button may be repositioned upwards.

Hiding the scars.

The incision for a tummy tuck runs from hip to hip. But surgeons can hide the scar in the bikini line where it is hidden by underwear and bathing suits. Over time, the scar fades.

However, a tummy tuck may not be right for you if:

  • You are pregnant or plan on becoming pregnant.
  • You are overweight.
  • You are not in good physical condition.

A tummy tuck usually requires at least a week or two of recuperation before you can return to your normal routine.

Once you are healed, you'll find the clock has been turned back to reveal a sleeker, new you.

Because Dr. Reichner is an experienced tummy tuck surgeons who has performed many tummy tuck procedures. In private practice, Dr. Reichner also offers the most requested invasive plastic surgeries like liposuction, breast augmentations, facelifts, rhinoplasty, and other popular cosmetic plastic surgeries.

What's New in Tummy Tuck Surgery?

In Newport Beach the Abdominoplasty (commonly know as a Tummy Tuck) has evolved over the years. Today there are many new techniques and principles that have refined the procedure and improved the cosmetic results.

Good Newport Beach Tummy Tucks have a low scar that can be hidden below the bikini line. This requires careful planning and proper incision placement. The old saying "measure twice and cut once" is very appropriate in abdominoplasty.

Good Newport Beach Tummy Tucks have a naval or "belly button" that is cute, an "inney", hides the scar and allows one to wear a bathing suite without any reservations.

Good Newport Beach Tummy Tucks have a flat or nearly flat abdomen. This is important to women and allows them to feel good wearing the latest fashions.

Good Newport Beach Tummy Tucks enhance the waist area by providing more of a "hour-glass" figure. This is accomplished by tightening the muscle and removing excess fat from the "hip-roll" areas with liposuction. An advanced technology for liposuction is available to remove this excess fat with minimal extra incisions. The technology is called PAL, which has vastly improved the amount of fat that can be removed with minimal bleeding and bruising.

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