After having children and after weight fluctuation, you might have some excess fat and loose skin in your abdominal region. Sometimes no amount of diet and exercise can help this stubborn problem area. If your tummy is a concern, a procedure known as an Abdominoplasty could be just what you are looking for!

A tummy tuck is generally performed on an outpatient basis or during a brief hospital stay. The most common method involves smoothing out the stomach muscles by placing a horizontal incision that generally spans the hips. To tighten the abdomen wall, Dr Reichner will bring together loose tissue and shorten muscle by suturing them. The excess skin which remains after this process is than pulled downward and removed. Depending on the amount of skin that exists, the navel may need to be repositioned. A small incision will create the new opening for the belly button. Resulting scars from the tummy tuck procedure are permanent but should fade over time. Dr Reichner does an amazing job of giving you a discreet and natural looking scar. His goal is for you to have the cutest belly buttons in Orange County!


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