Aging, weight fluctuations, pregnancy, and childbirth all leave lasting marks on the abdomen. Men and women of all ages desire a firm and sculpted midsection, but it often seems that when it comes to toning the abdomen, no amount of dieting or exercise is enough. Tummy tuck surgery is an option for patients who are tired of fighting with sagging abdominal skin, stubborn pockets of fat, and loose abdominal muscles that are standing in the way of the contours they want.

What a Tummy Tuck Can Achieve

Tummy Tuck Procedure

During tummy tuck surgery, an incision is made on the lower abdomen from hip bone to hip bone. Dr. Reichner’s technique involves making a V-shaped incision that is placed much lower than a traditional tummy tuck incision for easier concealment and more natural-looking results.

After the incision is made, Dr. Reichner first addresses any loose or separated abdominal muscles that may have resulted from pregnancy or weight fluctuations. Using internal sutures, tissues are brought together, lifted, and tightened to reveal better abdominal tone.

Undesirable, stubborn pockets of fat in the abdomen are removed via liposuction A hollow tube will suction away excess fat cells to smooth the abdomen.

Once the underlying muscles have been tightened and excess fat has been removed from the lower part of the abdomen, the remaining skin is pulled down and the excess is trimmed away.

The amount of skin that is stretched and removed during a tummy tuck often results in an ill-placed and unnatural-looking belly button. Dr. Reichner performs belly button reconstruction to restore the navel to an aesthetically pleasing shape and position. An incision is made around the belly button to protect the tissue underneath and allow the navel to be moved. Fat is removed from the location of the new belly button to create a natural-looking indentation.


Tummy tuck surgery is often performed as an outpatient procedure, but a short hospital stay may be necessary. It is essential that patients rest for the first two weeks of their recovery, as they will be bruised and sore and cannot put too much strain on the abdomen. To promote comfort and circulation, patients will be wrapped in a compression garment and should go for light walks to increase blood circulation and prevent blood clots. Most patients can return to work after two weeks, as long as their job is not physically strenuous. All strenuous activity and exercise must be stopped for at least six weeks.

Tummy tuck surgery will result in a scar. Dr. Reichner makes the incision much lower than other tummy tuck techniques. This allows the scar to be lower and easier to conceal with underwear and bikini bottoms. All scarring will fade with time.

Dr. Reichner performs abdominoplasty under general anesthesia so that there is no pain during the procedure. Following the surgery, you can expect swelling, bruising, and discomfort. Oral pain medication will be prescribed to alleviate this. The swelling and bruising should begin to subside after a few weeks; however, residual swelling may be present for up to a few months.

Frequently Asked Questions

The results of your tummy tuck surgery should be long lasting, if not permanent, as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Additional weight gain or future pregnancies may reverse the effects of your surgery.

When deciding between a tummy tuck or liposuction, you must look at the amount of skin and muscle laxity that you have. Liposuction addresses localized pockets of fat in the abdomen but does not address the underlying muscles and cannot tighten skin. Tummy tuck surgery utilizes liposuction to remove excess fat but also removes excess skin and tightens loose abdominal muscles. Candidates for tummy tuck surgery should be in good health, not smoke, and have realistic expectations about their results.

The cost of your tummy tuck depends on several factors including the techniques used by Dr. Reichner, anesthesia costs, operating room fees, and surgical fees. A detailed and accurate cost estimate will be provided during your consultation.

While tummy tuck surgery is often performed as a standalone procedure, it can be combined with other cosmetic procedures such as liposuction of the hips, thighs, or buttocks, or it can be performed as part of a Mommy Makeover, which includes either a breast lift or breast augmentation.

A tummy tuck is a safe but invasive surgical procedure that involves risks such as:

  • Adverse reactions to anesthesia
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Impaired wound healing
  • Scarring
  • Allergic reactions

Patient Testimonial

“Dr Reichner and his employees were so wonderful to me! I was a bit nervous about having surgery, but the Doctor was very kind and reassuring. My breasts look amazing-I have sent several of my friends to him, and each one has been thrilled with their outcome. Thank you Dr Reichner for the confidence you have given me!”

– K.