Looking to take years off? Facial rejuvenation with a combination of liposuction, fat grafting and face or neck lifting may be the solution to your problem by reducing sagging skin on the face and neck, helping you to appear firmer and fresher. Your bone structure, heredity, and skin texture and elasticity all play a role in how many “years” a facelift can “remove” and, to an extent, influence how long it will last.

A typical candidate for a facelift exhibits one of the following characteristics:

  • a deep line, or fold, running from the corner of your nose to the corner of
    your mouth.
  • jowls, or loss of a well-defined jaw line associated with youthfulness.
  • deep wrinkles in the cheeks and sagging of the “highlight” areas of the
  • loose skin, wrinkles, vertical “cords” or excess fatty tissue in the neck.

It is important for Dr Reichner to have a clear understanding of your expectations for the facelift procedure. Make sure to point out what portions of your appearance you would like to change and what you hope to achieve from the facelift procedure. To meet your expectations, Dr Reichner may also recommend procedures such as a brow lift, eyelid surgery, or a related procedure to go along with a facelift surgery.

Because each person’s facial features and expectations are different, not all patients will attain the same results or have the same surgical technique. Dr Reichner will select the surgical technique that he feels will best meet your expectations.

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