It is now routine to use your own body fat to augment deep lines, improve weak chins and cheeks, and increase the volume and shape of the lips. This is an effective procedure which has been made better by a number of developments introduced in the last 5 years.

The first of these developments is the use of a centrifuge to prepare the harvested fat before re-injection. All of this is performed while the patient is under twilight anesthesia. The second development has been the addition of autologous platelet gels to fat grafting. This involves harvesting blood before the procedure, removing the platelets with a high-tech centrifuge, and mixing this with the purified fat prior to re-injection.

The addition of platelet gels has a number of wonderful effects. By using these platelets from your own blood and integrating this into the fat grafts, there is a significant reduction in bruising and swelling, and improvement in the integration of the harvested fat cells into the face.