With temperatures skyrocketing, days growing longer, and department store shelves once again stocked with bathing suits and bikinis, now is the perfect time to consider attaining the beach body you’ve been craving. This time of year, I often see patients wanting to look better while sunbathing on the sand, and what better time than now to make your desires a reality?

Tighten Up

When it comes to days on the beach, both men and women desire to look slim, fit, and contoured. I see many patients who complain about the stubborn pockets of fat that no amount of diet or exercise can reduce. As frustrating as it is, there are some areas of fat that cannot be toned without a little cosmetic help. Age, genetics, and pregnancies all work against you and your ability to attain the body you want. Liposuction is a great way to tone those trouble areas that lead to body insecurities. I like to use power-assisted liposuction (PAL), which is like liposuction on steroids. This technique has several different types of suction tips to attack the fat in different areas of your body. These tips then vibrate very rapidly and that helps pluck fat cells out of these trouble areas. Whether you are looking to reduce pockets of fat on the abdomen, hips, lower back, thighs, or buttocks, power-assisted liposuction can help you attain that goal. The fat cells removed by power-assisted liposuction are gone for good, and with a little body maintenance, you can keep your beach body not only for this summer but for the summers to come, as well. For patients whose abdominal insecurities go beyond pockets of fat, abdominoplasty, more commonly referred to as a tummy tuck, can restore a youthful and trim midsection. Tummy tuck surgery is ideal for patients suffering from moderate to severe skin laxity on the abdomen as well as patients suffering from separated abdominal muscles resulting from pregnancies or childbirth.

I will customize this procedure based on your anatomy and history of pregnancy and weight gain or loss. My technique focuses on four goals:

  • Removing the majority of excess skin and fat
  • Keeping the final scar as thin as possible, as short as possible, as low as possible in the bikini line
  • Tightening the muscles so that the tummy is flat as possible
  • Using my special 3D belly button repair to reduce scar visibility

Enhance Your Assets

While slimming down is a universal desire I see with all my patients, many women wish to enhance their features to attain a more feminine physique. This time of year, bikinis are everywhere, and the two features that bikinis highlight are the breasts and the buttocks. Both breast augmentation and the Brazilian Butt Lift work to enhance your beach body.

For women who deal with self-esteem issues because of small breasts, breast augmentation allows them to show off their body with pride. After augmentation surgery, most of these women find that they can now wear the bathing suits they’ve always wanted to but never could. When I discuss breast augmentation with women, the focus is on selecting the right implant to fit their body and their desired bra cup size. The goal of this popular procedure is to create a more balanced upper and lower body that is consistent with a patient’s body image. Another enhancing procedure that is making the rounds this time of year is the Brazilian Butt Lift. This procedure combines liposuction with butt augmentation to give your physique an entire overhaul. With the Brazilian Butt Lift, fat is removed through liposuction from the abdomen, thighs, or lower back and then transferred to the buttocks to give a lifted, rounded, and more sculpted backside. I like to combine this procedure with other procedure so that patients get the most out of the time in surgery and to enhance their waist and buttocks for summer wear and bathing suits.

If you want your best beach body, contact Dr. Reichner today by calling his Orange office at (714) 997-5200 to set up a consultation.