Breast augmentation is a long-term investment, one that many women desire. Breast augmentation is the most popular and commonly performed cosmetic surgery. Women of all ages choose to undergo breast augmentation to increase their self-esteem and self-image by enhancing the volume and shape of their breasts. Unfortunately, one of the most significant drawbacks for many women is the cost, mainly because figuring out the cost of the surgery can be so confusing. It is difficult to determine an accurate price when searching the internet. In a single search, you will likely find offers as low as $3000 and upwards of $9000. Truthfully, the price will fall somewhere in the middle of this. The cost of your breast augmentation will involve many factors, not only the price of the implants themselves. To better know if breast augmentation is something you are willing to invest in, it is important to understand how the cost breakdown works.

Understanding Costs

Surgeon’s Fees

For many patients, the cost of the surgery is a significant deciding factor, and that is understandable. You have to make sure that the price you pay for your augmentation is something that you can handle with no additional stress. Unfortunately, many women choose a surgeon that offers the “best deal”. This can present a problem when the “best deal” does not represent the “best surgeon”. Surgeon’s costs represent their training, experience, and certifications. Finding a surgeon that is board certified with the right schooling, on-the-job training, experience, and recommendations is far more important than finding the least expensive one. Less expensive surgeons may be less trained and experienced. When it comes to your surgery, your health, and the longevity and quality of your results, the most experienced doctor is the right way to go.


One of the most significant cost factors is the price of the implants themselves, though there are many variations. Breast implants are available in saline and silicone materials. Saline implants are cheaper than their silicone counterparts; the savings is typically around $1000. But just because saline implants are less expensive, does not mean that saline implants are necessarily better for you. While both materials can provide natural-looking, beautiful results, the appearance of the two types of implants can differ, and you need to find the material that will give you the look you want to achieve. Over time, the extra money spent on a silicone implant will be worth it if you reach your desired result.

Anesthesia Costs

Your procedure is performed under general anesthesia. A board-certified anesthesiologist should be present to administer your anesthesia and monitor your health and vitals throughout the process. Anesthesia quality is never something you want to skimp on because this involves your health and safety.

Facility Fees

A part of your breast augmentation cost will reflect the cost of the facility in which your surgery is performed. This will vary depending on if your procedure is being done in a hospital, an office facility, or a surgical suite.

The Verdict

Typically, most Southern California patients pay somewhere between $5500 and $7500 for their breast augmentation, which will include all of the above cost factors. However, a one-on-one consultation with the physician is the only way to get an exact estimate of the final cost of your procedure.

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