After undergoing breast explant surgery to remove one or both breast implants, a period of rest and recovery will be required. During this time, it will be vital to follow Dr. Reichner’s post-surgical care directions very closely. This will ensure that the results are optimal and will help to avoid unwanted complications and a longer recovery period.

Note: If your breast explant involved a breast lift with or without fat grafting, this can affect your recovery process. Find out more during your consultation.

Surgical Dressings and Drains

Once the patient’s breast explant surgery is complete, a surgical dressing will be placed around the breasts. This will provide support. A supportive surgical bra must be worn for a time while the tissues heal.

Drains may also be placed in the area. These small tubes are inserted to carry excess blood and fluid out of the area in order to prevent hematomas and seromas from forming.

Plastic surgeon showing breast implants

Dealing with Post-Operative Bruising, Swelling, and Pain

Patients will experience post-operative swelling and bruising in the breasts as a result of breast explant surgery. This is part of the body’s natural healing response whenever incisions are created.

Bruising and swelling will ameliorate over the next few weeks. Cold compresses can be held against the area as directed to lessen these issues.

Pain and discomfort may also be felt during recovery after breast explant surgery. Pain-control medication will be prescribed by Dr. Reichner in order to ensure that patients experience as comfortable a recovery process as possible. Painkillers must be taken as prescribed.

Sticking to Activity Restrictions

It will be necessary to take time off from work in order to recuperate following surgery. Once one week has passed since the date of the breast explant surgery, patients can typically return to their work.

When patients’ work is especially physically strenuous, they may need to stay home for longer. This is because all physically taxing activities will need to be avoided for at least six weeks. Sports, heavy exercise, and heavy lifting must all be avoided during this time. These types of activities can negatively affect the healing process of the incisions.

Going to Follow-Up Appointments

Patients will need to attend follow-up appointments after breast explant surgery so that Dr. Reichner can look over the incisions and evaluate the healing process.

Follow-up appointments help Dr. Reichner ensure that there are no complications. If there are complications, Dr. Reichner will recommend the proper solution.

During follow-ups, the surgeon will remove dressings and drains from the breasts. A follow-up is also the time when stitches are removed.

Final Recovery

Once recovery is complete, all swelling has fully disappeared, and the breasts have fully settled, patients can see the final results of their breast explant procedure.

Set Up a Consultation

Meet with Dr. Daniel Reichner for a consultation to find out more about recovery after breast explant surgery. During this consultation, you will be able to ask any questions you may have. Preparing questions in advance is recommend. To set up your consultation, contact our office today.