Fat grafting, also called fat injection or fat transfer, is used in Brazilian butt lifts to increase the volume and curves of the buttocks. This technique involves performing liposuction to remove stubborn excess fat from one part of the area, then processing the fat to remove unnecessary elements. Finally, the purified fat is reinjected into the target area, increasing the area’s volume.

While it’s easy to assume that the Brazilian butt lift is the only procedure that uses fat grafting, it’s actually an incredibly versatile technique. Fat transfer can be used in a variety of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures.

Breast Augmentation

Many patients want to increase their breast size but don’t want to have to deal with breast implants. Implants require regular replacement and can experience issues like ruptures and leaks. For these patients, Dr. Reichner can perform fat transfer breast augmentation, also known as natural breast augmentation. This provides subtler enhancement without any need for implants or major incisions.

Facial Rejuvenation

Fat transfer helps with facial rejuvenation. During a facial fat transfer, harvested and processed fat is injected into sunken areas and wrinkles. It can add volume to hollowed regions under the eyes and make gaunt cheeks look plump. It can also provide lip augmentation and reduce the appearance of the nasolabial folds.

Breast Reconstruction

Fat grafting can be quite helpful when reconstructing the breasts after a lumpectomy or mastectomy. Fat is harvested and injected into the breasts to restore their shape or refine their appearance, improve breast symmetry, and enhance contours. Since the patient’s own fat is used, breast reconstruction with fat grafting provides more natural-looking results.

Facial Reconstruction

People undergoing facial reconstruction need fat grafting to correct facial asymmetry caused by an injury, trauma, or congenital condition. Fat grafting improves the facial contours, adds volume, and enhances facial symmetry. It can fill in depressions in the face and highlight the cheekbones to create more natural and balanced facial contours.

Hand Rejuvenation

Like other parts of the body, the backs of the hands also show signs of aging as the skin over them grows thin. Fortunately, fat grafting can reduce the visibility of prominent veins, restore lost volume, and provide a smoother texture. You can regain younger-looking hands that are plumper, smoother, and less veiny.

Scar Revision

Fat can be injected into irregularly shaped or depressed scars, filling hollowed areas and giving them softer edges to make the scars less noticeable. The injected fat from fat grafting also improves the texture of the target scars.

Aside from improving the scars’ look, the process also boosts healing. Fat grafting offers long-term scar revision results, since the injected fat develops a blood supply and survives for a long time.

Facial Wasting

Patients who suffer from HIV-related diseases tend to lose volume in their faces as one of the side effects of getting antiretroviral treatment. Fat grafting can prevent facial wasting from getting worse. Fat is injected into the hollowed areas of the face to restore volume and facial vitality.

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