Are you looking to enhance the shape and size of your buttocks through cosmetic surgery? You might want to consider a Brazilian butt lift (BBL). This guide offers a comprehensive overview of BBL surgery, including its benefits, risks, candidacy criteria, surgical procedure, recovery timeline, and anticipated outcomes. If you are in Orange County, knowing this will help narrow down your choices of BBL surgeons.

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

The Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is a cosmetic procedure that enhances the buttocks without the need for implants. Fat is extracted from your body, purified, and then re-injected into the buttocks. This technique not only increases the volume of the buttocks but also refines the areas from which fat was removed.

Benefits of BBL Surgery

A Brazilian buttock augmentation uses fat from your body, making it look and feel natural with less chance of your body rejecting it. This surgery makes your buttocks fuller and shapes the places where the fat was taken from, like your stomach, hips, and thighs. It’s a two-in-one benefit: you get a shapelier backside and slim down other areas, giving you a more sculpted overall appearance. The technique ensures your buttocks match your body’s proportions, enhancing your figure naturally.

Risks Associated with BBL Surgery

While BBL surgery offers many benefits, it’s important to be aware of potential concerns such as infection, scarring, and fat embolism. Choosing an experienced surgeon like Dr. Daniel Reichner can significantly reduce these risks by ensuring safer procedures and better results by using precise techniques and taking the necessary precautions.

Ideal Candidates for Brazilian Butt Lift

You are a good candidate for BBL if you are in good general health, have realistic expectations, and have sufficient fat for harvesting. It is appropriate for you if you want to improve the appearance of your buttocks. However, those with very little body fat or certain health conditions may need to consider alternatives.

What the Procedure Is Like

During a Brazilian butt lift (BBL), fat is extracted through liposuction from specific areas, often where excess fat is less desired. This fat is then purified to isolate the viable fat cells, which are subsequently strategically reinjected into the buttocks. This body contouring technique focuses on uniformity and symmetry, enhancing your natural figure.

Recovery and Downtime

Recovery from a Brazilian butt lift varies among patients, with most able to resume light activities within a week. You must avoid direct pressure on the buttocks for at least two weeks to ensure the survival of the transferred fat. During this period, using a special pillow or cushion for sitting and adopting a stomach or side sleeping position is recommended.

Additionally, wearing a compression garment can help minimize swelling and support the healing tissues. It’s also vital to stay hydrated, maintain a healthy diet, and refrain from strenuous exercise until surgeons like Dr. Reichner, who’ve performed Brazilian butt lifts for years, give the go-ahead, to facilitate a smooth recovery.

The complete recovery period may last up to six months, during which time the swelling will gradually diminish and the final results will become fully apparent. Diligently following post-operative care instructions is key to optimizing the healing process and the success of your BBL surgery.

Expected Results

You can expect a more pronounced, curvaceous buttock and an improved overall body silhouette after a Brazilian butt lift. While some of the transferred fat may be reabsorbed by the body, choosing a qualified and respected surgeon like Dr. Reichner can maximize the longevity of the results. Maintaining a stable weight is important, as significant fluctuations can affect the outcome.

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